2005 Sandtray Network Community News


On January 14 -16th, 2005 The Sandtray Network Council Council conducted its Annual Meeting and Retreat in Oakland, CA at Vision Quest Into Symbolic Reality. In attendance were Council Women Carol Azzarro, Gisela De Domenico, Mary Herza, Julia Richardson, and Elaine Wittmann. Auguste Elliott was unable to join us. We journeyed first in the sandtray to welcome our newest Council Woman Elaine to our group.

Bijili Abbey, after many years as Council Member and keeper of the Membership, released her position. We express our deeply felt gratitude. Diane Simon left Council as her term of office expired. We are grateful to her many contributions, specifically the writing of Newsletters, invitations to Sandtray Network Events, and the co-ordinating of  Journal Mailings.  

There are several Council positions open at this time.  We look towards welcoming those who are interested in working with us to further the mission of the Sandtray Network.

On January 15th, after the Annual Meeting, Gisela De Domenico offered a presentation about how the Elementals, Air, Earth, Fire and Water appear in sandplay processes and how they have been celebrated in transformational workshops. Although Auguste Elliott, her co-presenter, was unable to attend we were able to show her Power Point presentation to our audience and thus, benefit from her teachings.

The Council finished working with the Winter 2004 Sandtray Network Journal and then tackled a number of very important decisions. In order to maximize our resources and the serious time constraints that make governing an organization a difficult task, Council voted to henceforth publish the Sandtray Network Journal on line. We expect to reformat the Journal for Website Edition by April 2005.

The Journal Editors proposed to Council that we create a special 10 year Sandtray Network Anniversary Issue: a collection of articles that were published in the Sandtray Network Journal over the years.  These articles will be offered on-line as soon as they can be re-formated.

As we focused on disseminating more information via the web, Council decided that our website needs to be updated this year - a 'face-lift' is in order.  We expect our website to be a reliable, educational and professional  resource for the those in the worldwide community who wish to learn more about the sandtray.  We welcome suggestions from our community.

Council regrets that the active Sandtray Network Membership has declined in the last year, as we were unable to send out membership renewals and tend to our membership. During this year we hope to create the opportunity for old and new Members to contribute directly to the Sandtray Network by purchasing a supporting membership online.

We continue to offer back-issues of the Sandtray Network Journal and Carol Azzarro is our keeper of the Journal.

Elaine Wittmann and Auguste Elliott accepted the task of documenting the Network History by interviewing some of the Sandtray Network's original  Founding Members.

Mary Herza accepted the task of managing and co-ordinating the Council's set tasks for this year.

Council is scheduled to meet again in Oakland in July.  

To contact Council about the Sandtray Network and/or this website:






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