Video Bibliography: a Sandtray Network Featured Article
  1. An Atypical Sandtray Session with a Child, by Violet Oakland, a renowned Play Therapist who successfully integrates Gestalt Principles with Sandplay.  This is a wonderful tape of a session that brings the unexpected.  Order from: Maxsound Video Production at (206) 283-9619.
  2. The Legacy of Margaret Lowenfeld.  Margaret Lowenfeld is the originator of sandplay.  This video covers a bit of theory and provides information about Lowenfeld Mosaic and the Lowenfeld Method of sandplay with children.  Order from: Community Video Production at (203) 637-4501 and/or APT at (559) 252-2APT.
  3. Sandplay, A Method of Psychotherapy: Its Application to the Child.  The founder and originator of Kalffian sandplay, Dora Kalff, was a Jungian analyst who integrated Jungian principles into Lowenfeld's theory and practice of sandplay.  This video shows Dora in session with a child.  Available at CG Jung Institute Library, San Francisco.
  4. Roberta Sach's video produced by Cavalcade Productions, shows how sandplay may be used with Post Traumatic Stress Disordered Clients in a hospital setting.  View it only after reading the accompanying brochure so that you may understand the often controversial procedures used by Dr. Sachs.  Order from Cavalcade Productions in Ukiah, CA at (707) 743-1168.
  5. An Introduction to Sandplay-Wordplay Therapy by Dr. Gisela De Domenico.  This is a beginner's guide to this method of sandplay which evolved from phenomenological research with normal children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups.  Order from Vision Quest Images in Oakland, CA at (510) 530-1383, or by email.


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